March 02, 2014

How to Install IIS in Windows 8..1

Its best practice to install webserver and then install visual studio for web app development . This will automatically configure the required files while installing Visual Studio 2013
Go to Run command type appwiz.cpl

Click on Turn Windows Features on or OFF

The Following windows features screen appears

Click Internet Information Services Check Box
Press Ok. Windows Features will apply changes ,
When you select internet information services, the IIS and its required features are installed by default  , These features will help you to run and host website . However if you further require the framework extensibility, WWW services or security you can check the features that you require.  You can edit these settings whenever you need provided you are an admin to the system. You need to do a reset IIS (iisreset) to get this effected after the edit.
Now you can go ahead and install visual studio 2013
Hope this helps  .

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