September 08, 2010

SqlServer 2008 Performance Optimization Training

This 2 day seminar covers best of the best concepts and practices from popular courses offered by Solid Quality Mentors. Theoretically any one can go through the technical stuff and learn their own. The seminar focuses completely on providing real world experience by using practical demos and scenarios derived from customer engagements. The seminar is uniquely structured. Sessions are discussion based and designed to be an interactive between instructor and participants for an optimal learning experience.

Target audience

This seminar is intended for following audiences:

  • SQL Developers – Professionals responsible for writing optimal SQL Query
  • SQL DBA – Professionals responsible for performance of the server
  • Programmers – Any language programmer who deals with SQL Server

Yes. It is happening in major cities in India and all over the world . do not miss the opportunity.


Day 1: Performance T-SQL with Solid Foundation

  • Don’t Lie to Me. O Liar!  – Resolutions to Popular Misconceptions

There are plenty of myths regarding SQL Server features, some of them were true at times and others were pure imaginations. This Myth Buster session will talk about myths and will bust them – Scientifically!

  • 5 Point Subquery – The Unknown Tricks and Tips of Subqueries

The age old topic of Subquery is in fact never old. Subqueries are most confusing to people who claim to know them well. This session talks about unknown tricks and tips that only advanced users would know. Learning them is like doing 6 digit multiplications without using paper or calculators.

  • Your Joins, My joins, Our Joins – The Relation between External and Internal Joins

The SQL Server Engine looks at the Join very differently from how we look at it. We think that there are Cross Join, Inner Join and Outer Join. SQL Server Engine thinks there are Loop Join, Merge Join and Hash Join. Learn where and how the bridge is completed.

  • 3 ‘Real’ Idiots of SQL – Triggers, Views and …!

Triggers and Views are very cool advanced features. When they get in the hands of the ‘not so smart’ developers, they have the potential of transforming into weapons of mass destructions. The reality of Trigger and Views are revealed here in this session. Hopefully, it will convince you to not use them in future coding.

  • SolidQ Quiz Hour – One Contestant (Instructor) and Multiple Quiz Masters (All of You)

Here is your chance to ask your questions to the instructor which are so far not covered in any of the sessions. You can ask as many questions as you like as well bring your real world problems. The instructor will guide you towards attaining resolutions to your problems.

Day 2: Performance Tuning T-SQL with Solid Advanced Technique

  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Side of Index – Evils of Index and Workarounds

The myth about Index is that it improves performance. The even bigger myth about Index is that it reduces performance. The reality is confusing and developers are lost trying to balance the performance of various queries involving multiple tables. In this session, learn what you should not do with Indexes. Once you master the wisdom of where and how to create them, the mystery of Indexes will be solved.

  • Blood veins and Heartbeats! – The Intelligence of Statistics

This session is the soul of these two days of training. The mystery of SQL Server Engine will be opened wide in front of us. We will go over each and every detail which leads engine to give optimal performance to the query. We will also answer few important questions about statistics and its optimal settings.

  • Sniffing Parameters is Injurious to Health! – Optimize Your Query for Unknown Values

Ever wondered why recompiling your query works faster? Ever wondered why restarting SQL Server Services improves the performance. Ever wondered how distribution of the data changes the cache plan. Here is your chance to learn the same and optimize any query for any of the unknown variable.

  • Fast, Faster and The Fastest! – Turbo Fast Queries Techniques

This is the grand finale of two days. We will take a query which is already running in zero (0) millisecond and optimize it further by three levels. Each level will be more difficult than others and the end result will be stunning. This unique session will teach you interesting lessons at each level of optimization and will run the query faster than its original seep of zero (0) millisecond.

  • SolidQ Quiz Hour – One Contestant (Instructor) and Multiple Quiz Masters (All of You)

This session will cover up any loose ends of the two days seminar. The best participant will also get a unique gift from the instructor.

To join the seminars drop an email to the following address. and IndiaInfo “at” If you specify MUGH in Title, you will avail special discount in overall rates on specified price. Yes, a more than 20% by using MUGH I promise. If you register using MUGH you will be eligible to win MS Freesoftwares, MSDN VS2010 license  and windows7 Ultimate DVD .

Current Schedule

  • Chennai, India: Sep 24-25, 2010
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka: Oct 4-5, 2010
  • TBD, USA: Nov 15-16, 2010
  • TBD, USA: Nov 17-18, 2010
  • Hyderabad, India: Nov 27-28, 2010
  • Pune, India: Dec 4-5, 2010

Complete Information in

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me . Please note that the lunch and snacks for the 2 days will be provided.
The Venue
Western Amrutha Castle, 5-9-16, Opp. Secretriat, Saifabad, Khairatabad, Hyderabad.
Hurry up the seats are limited only.

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